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Friday, 5/19/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--A little less than two thirds of men and women use this daily. What?

ANSWER: Hair products

Thursday, 5/18/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Roughly 1 in 3 people admit to reading THESE. What? 

ANSWER: Personal ads

Wednesday, 5/17/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--The human race shares roughly half of its DNA with THIS food. What?

ANSWER: Bananas

Tuesday, 5/16/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--1 in 3 people say that cherry is the BEST flavor of THIS. What?

ANSWER: Chapstick

Monday, 5/15/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--A little more than 100 people on average die every year from choking on THIS. What?

ANSWER: Ballpoint pens

Friday, 5/12/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--One out of every two people you meet have tried THIS. What?

ANSWER: Teeth whitening products

Thursday, 5/11/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Most people do THIS more than 6 million times a year. What?


Wednesday, 5/10/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--2 out of 3 American parents are likely to reward a child's good deed with THIS. What?

ANSWER: Ice cream

Tuesday, 5/9/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Nearly 1 in 3 adults say they are perfectly content without one of these. What?

ANSWER: A significant other

Monday, 5/8/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Nearly 40% of women say that they like a man who has THIS. What?

ANSWER: A deep voice

Friday, 5/5/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Most employed adults have one of these. What?

ANSWER: Second job/side gig

Thursday, 5/4/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--78% of identical twins think that the other twin is THIS. What?

ANSWER: Less attractive

Wednesday, 5/3/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--1 in 3 women do THIS about every other day. What?

ANSWER: Wash their hair

Tuesday, 5/2/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--When surveyed, half of the population said they would change THIS about themselves. What?

ANSWER: Their height

Monday, 5/1/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Nearly all of THIS is made outside the United States. What?

ANSWER: Clothing/footwear

Friday, 4/28/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Most wild birds only do THIS for about 6 months. What?


Thursday, 4/27/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--The average person who does THIS on their phone, does it for less than 10 minutes at a time. What?

ANSWER: Swipe through a dating app

Wednesday, 4/26/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Less than 30% of people do THIS before they go to work. What?

ANSWER: Pack a lunch

Tuesday, 4/25/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--24% of females have this before the age of 5. What?

ANSWER: Pierced ears

Monday, 4/24/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Last year, Americans spent enough money on THIS to buy 16 Wrigley Fields. What?

ANSWER: plastic surgery

Friday, 4/21/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Roughly 2/3 of parents do THIS for their children. What?

ANSWER: Pay them an allowance


Thursday, 4/20/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Research says that most women will spend more than 10 months of their life doing THIS. What?

ANSWER: Deciding what to wear

Wednesday, 4/19/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Studies show that if you have a good friend who does THIS, you are 60% more likely to do so as well. What?

ANSWER: Overeat

Monday, 4/17/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--More than 90% of drivers admit to doing THIS while driving. What?

ANSWER: Complaining about other people's driving

Friday, 4/14/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--More than half of adults do THIS before leaving the house every morning. What?

ANSWER: Make their bed

Wednesday, 4/12/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Almost 20% of parents have tried THIS to get their baby to fall asleep. What?

ANSWER: Run the vacuum cleaner

Monday, 4/10/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--1 in 8 people buy THIS for Easter Sunday. What?

ANSWER: New clothes

Friday, 4/7/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Roughly half of Americans think that THIS has gotten dumber since they were kids. What?

ANSWER: Cartoons/children's TV

Wednesday, 4/5/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--A recent survey showed THESE to be the least popular kind of pants in 2017. What?

ANSWER: Corduroys

Tuesday, 4/4/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Roughly 1 in 5 people believe that they are ready for THIS. What?

ANSWER: Wearing a bathing suit

Monday, 4/3/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Just over 1/3 of adults say they have a memory of their parents doing this when they were a kid. What?

ANSWER: Reading to them

Friday, 3/31/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--A recent study shows that THIS can actually make the common cold WORSE. What?

ANSWER: Being single

Thursday, 3/30/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--2 of 3 adults say their significant other does THIS annoying thing. What?


Wednesday, 3/29/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--A little less than half of adults have purchased THIS in the last 90 days...What?

ANSWER: Underwear

Tuesday, 3/28/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Roughly 1 in 10 people admit to doing THIS with their hair. What?

ANSWER: Dying their hair

Monday, 3/27/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--1 in 3 people say that their first kiss was less exciting than the first time they did THIS. What? 

ANSWER: Flew in an airplane

Friday, 3/24/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--1 in 3 millenials are currently doing THIS. What?

ANSWER: Living with their parents

Thursday, 3/23/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--85% of people are NOT upset by doing THIS all day. What?

ANSWER: Being alone

Wednesday, 3/22/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Almost HALF of the U.S. population believes in THIS.  What?

ANSWER: Bigfoot

Tuesday, 3/21/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Roughly half of us think that THIS is more important than good sleep. What?

ANSWER: Spending time with your family

Monday, 3/20/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Simply doing THIS can increase your blood pressure by nearly 5%. What?

ANSWER: Crossing your legs

Friday, 3/17/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--10% of adults do THIS before a special occasion. What? 

ANSWER: Diet/lose weight

Thursday, 3/16/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--10% of people say that this person in particular is the MOST annoying person in their life. Who?

ANSWER: Their spouse

Wednesday, 3/15/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--More than 85% of us find THIS to be absolutely repulsive while on a date. What?

ANSWER: Smoking

Tuesday, 3/14/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--76% of all women and 66% of all men will do THIS today. What?

ANSWER: Use Facebook

Friday, 3/10/17

NO QUESTION (Radiothon)

Thursday, 3/9/17

NO QUESTION (Radiothon)

Wednesday, 3/8/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Research has discovered that much like humans, cows ALSO have one of THESE. What?

ANSWER: Best friends


Tuesday, 3/7/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Almost 50% of people surveyed said that women are MORE attractive with THIS. What?

ANSWER: Long hair

Monday, 3/6/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--1 in 5 families still do THIS together regularly. What?

ANSWER: Play board games

Friday, 3/3/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--More than half of Americans say that THIS is what makes them the happiest. What?

ANSWER: Family

Thursday, 3/2/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--3 out of 4 adults say their life would be better without more of THIS. What?


Wednesday, 3/1/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--4 out of 5 adults say they have difficulty doing this once a week. What?

ANSWER: Sleeping

Tuesday, 2/28/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--1 in 5 of us have done THIS in a dream before. What?


Monday, 2/27/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--1 in 3 women would rather rent one of these than buy it. What?

ANSWER: A wedding dress

Friday, 2/17/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--In hindsight, most people think that the cost of THIS is too much. What? 

ANSWER: Their wedding

Thursday, 2/16/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Just under 30% of people carry one of these in their wallet. What? 

ANSWER: A picture of their child

Wednesday, 2/15/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Almost half of Americans say that they always have THIS on them. What?

ANSWER: Chapstick

Tuesday, 2/14/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--53% of children in America do THIS unsupervised. What?

ANSWER: Use the internet

Monday, 2/13/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--4 out of 5 men will do THIS during a first date. What?

ANSWER: Pay for the check

Friday, 2/10/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--1 in 50 women secretly want THIS for Valentine's Day. What?

ANSWER: Lingerie

Thursday, 2/9/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--1 in 5 people say THIS is their favorite high school memory. What?


Wednesday, 2/8/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--A little more than half of us will be doing this for our pets soon. What?

ANSWER: Buying them a Valentine's Day gift

Tuesday, 2/7/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Roughly 1 in 20 people have ever done THIS. What?

ANSWER: Fly on a plane

Monday, 2/6/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Americans are 1000% more likely to choke on food while this is happening. What?

ANSWER: Super Bowl

Friday, 2/3/17


Thursday, 2/2/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--1 in 12 people claim to have tried THIS winter activity. What?

ANSWER: Ice skate

Wednesday, 2/1/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--1 in 3 people claim to use this product every single day.  What?

ANSWER: Body lotion

Tuesday, 1/31/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Roughly 40% of high school students have tried THIS to lose weight. What?

ANSWER: Smoking

Monday, 1/30/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--More than 1/3 of people believe they are not doing THIS right. What?

ANSWER: Raising their children

Friday, 1/27/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--30% of adults believe there should be an age limit for THIS. What?

ANSWER: Having a baby

Thursday, 1/26/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Almost 25% of us have cried after THIS. What?

ANSWER: Job interview

Wednesday, 1/25/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--10% of people admit that they don't own a single one of THESE. What?


Tuesday, 1/24/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Most Americans spend less than $100 on THIS every year. What?

ANSWER: Valentine's Day


Monday, 1/23/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--Less thatn half of parents do THIS with their kids today. What?

ANSWER: Eat dinner


Friday, 1/20/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--New research shows that too much of THIS can accelerate the aging process. What?


ANSWER: Sitting


Thursday, 1/19/17

WICKED HAHD QUESTION--More than a 1/3 of adults don't believe they have enough time to do THIS. What? 

ANSWER: Household chores


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