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1. Sitting--Even if you regularly exercise, long periods of inactivity are unhealthy. A study found that people who reduced excessive sitting to less than three hours a day could add two years to their life expectancy.
2. Sleeping too much--Sleeping too little is of course bad for your health, but sleeping too much can be harmful as well. A review of sleep studies showed that people who slept more than nine hours a night were at a 41% higher risk for heart disease than those who slept seven to eight hours a night.
3. Staring at a screen--Research found that spending more than four hours a day in front of a screen, like watching TV or surfing the Internet, can increase risk of heart attack and stroke by as much as 113%. Another study found that lowering screen time to less than two hours a day could add almost 2 years to their life expectancy.
4. Taking medication for non life-threatening illnesses--Taking medication for things like insomnia or anxiety could lower some people's life expectancy. A study found that people not taking those medications had about a 5% lower mortality rate than those taking medication.
5. Lacking a sense of humor--Laughter has a long list of health benefits. It helps boost the immune system, reduces stress, and provides an emotional release. Laughing also burns calories.
6. A long commute--Not only does commuting take up lots of time on a daily basis, it could also be taking time away from your total life span. People with commutes longer than 30 minutes die earlier than others. Long commutes mean less time for exercise and sleep — both of which contribute to a longer and healthier life.
7. Stressing out—Stress can actually damage our DNA. Compared to non-stressed people, people with chronic stress have shorter telomeres — the regions responsible for protecting and connecting the ends of DNA strands, so our genes don't degrade over time.
8. Not having sex--Having sex not only relieves stress, it burns calories and may even increase your life span. A study found that women with enjoyable sex lives lived almost eight years longer. And men who reported a higher frequency of orgasms had a 50% reduction in mortality.
9. Eating Poorly--Things like processed foods, too much red meat, and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables all contribute to serious health problems. Excessive red meat leads to higher cardiovascular disease and cancer mortality.
10. Being anti-social--Isolation and loneliness can take a toll on your body in the same way stress does. People who rated themselves highly valuable in their friends' and family's lives were more likely to live longer than those who rated themselves lower.

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